To all good, art-loving people out there:

I’m writing to tell you about an upcoming short film called Good News for Modern Man, written and to be directed by the talented and endlessly creative Zachary Severt, a friend of mine for many years.

I’ll let the team’s well-designed campaign sell you on the film’s premise, but I will say that I’ve read the screenplay and it is fantastic. Always engaging, frequently surprising, and efficient. We’re shown a lot but told very little. 

I studied alongside Zach and Good News cinematographer Matt Beck at Wright State, and was script supervisor for their last project, Boys Will Be Boys. Beyond talented, they are a disciplined, comprehensively planned, and frugal team.

Boys was one of the best short films to come out of WSU while I was there—Good News is certain to be even better. If you’re a filmmaker or cinephile, you want to know these guys: I have a feeling they’re going to be around for a while.

Right now they need our support to make Good News for Modern Man possible. Will you join me and help make this film a reality by contributing $5 today? C’mon, folks, forfeit a latte—for cinema!—for art!

If you’re a 1%-er and can pitch in a little more, they offer all sorts of neat perks, from production journals to stays in a mountainside cabin. Or if you’re flat broke—I get that—consider helping to spread word of the film across your social networks.

You can learn more about Good News at its IndieGoGo fundraising page, and at the film’s production blog. If you do decide to throw a couple bucks their way, let me know so I can thank you.

Happy Spring,

Also: This is a forward thinking production. As I was writing this, they announced a sustainability initiative for the film—no plastic cups, wasteful set material, etc. Yet another reason why filmmaking shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of 5 artless and morally indifferent media conglomerates.

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