Anonymous asked: hi, i'm the guy who posted a few comments earlier on your facebook page about the farcical presidential debate tonight; a quote from Gore Vidal, a video called Lifting the Veil, etc... then you blocked me, for no apparent reason. you should know that i WAS a financial support of NLM - but NO MORE you little prick. you won't get another dime from me.

With apologies to the public:

We weren’t even “friends” on Facebook and you posted several videos in a row that were essentially unrelated to my status. You call these five posts “etc.” I call them spam. It was utterly impersonal, and there is no reason you should expect or require me to host your anonymous links without explanation.

More importantly, that you’ve donated any amount of money to NLM does not give you power over me whatsoever. I am not deferential at the prospect of mere dollars. If I were, I’d make a lot more money producing toothpaste commercials. So go fuck yourself and your $15; I’m happy to refund it.

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